With Love

Send flowers for any occasion, be it a thoughtful message or caring thoughts. May be you wish to congratulate somebody, or wish convalescing to get well soon, maybe you wish to say you are thinking of somebody special. For every occasion The Flower Shop Malta will deliver a beautiful bouquet. Please provide us with any special requests along with your special card message.

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  • 1 Red or Blue Rose
    From €20.00
  • 3 Red or Blue Roses - I love you
    From €25.00
  • 6 Red or Blue Roses - I Want to be yours
    From €35.00
  • 101 Roses - My One & Only Love
    From €300.00
  • 1 Red or Blue rose in a carton box
    From €15.00
  • Roses in a Heart Box (L)
    From €60.00